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You might wonder what is the difference between Techathon and any other technical
assessment and interview for any other job? The biggest difference is

Complete Transparency and Feedback

Objective of “Rezoomex Techathon 2019” is to guide and train software engineers to become
very competent at technical assessment and interviews by providing a simulated environment
where they can practice their skills.

Unlike real assessment and interviews candidates will be closely scrutinized and given
candid feedback at every stage so that they can overcome their shortcomings.
Rezoomex will also provide some links to articles, videos and
on line training programs for preparing for the interviews.

This will also serve as a good networking event for fellow professionals to learn from each other.

All but the last stage of the selection process will be on-line.
The grand finale will be a staged event which will be held in Pune on
a weekend in the month of January.

Tech Categories and Prizes

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