RecruiterBot Trainer’s Program

Hello and welcome, My name is Emma. I am a RecruiterBot Trainer. To give you a glimpse, I will explain what it means to be a RecruiterBot Trainer. I train a recruiterbot which is an AI empowered software robot. As you might know, these bots derive their intelligence from machine learning and natural language processing. My job is to feed relevant data and text for the AI algorithms to learn and become intelligent like human recruiters. This helps me to lead a team of recruiters who use the recruiterbot to become super-recruiters. I lead and motivate my super-recruiters using proper metrics to measure their daily performance.

Climb to the Next Level

The RecruiterBot Trainer’s Program is a FREE and short term online course offered by Rezoomex. It will empower you with Artificial Intelligence and help you climb up to the next level in your recruitment career.

What Will You Learn

1. How to track & monitor performance of the recruiters 2. Automate & simplify the IT recruitment process 3. You will learn how to use the software and also be able to train it

Note: Top performers will be absorbed by Rezoomex to work as RecruiterBot trainers with their top corporate clients.

I have already become a RecruiterBot trainer. Here is your chance!!

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RecruiterBot Trainer's Program