Product Pricing

SAAS Offering

Use the cloud based Rezoomex Hiring Technology to make your technology hiring smarter & faster.

What you can do
  • Parse job description & resumes in no time
  • Get candidate ranking in an auto-generated tracker
  • Customize the tracker based on your requirements
  • Connect with candidates through the tracker itself
  • Create an exclusive technical assessment quiz gamified specifically for the position you are hiring
  • Administer the technical assessment quiz without leaving the tracker
  • See analysis of technical assessment quiz
  • Prioritize interviews based on the suitability score and the technical assessment quiz score
What you get
  • Use AI enabled hiring technology at an affordable price
  • Pay per use
  • Get access to pre-complied gazetteer & ontology
  • Securely stored resumes to maintain confidentiality

$ 0.15 / Resume

On-Premises Offering

Get an exclusive access to the Rezoomex Hiring Technology on your own server.

What you can do

Everything in Standard SAAS offering
secure on your premises.

What you get
  • Use an exclusive Artificial Intelligence enabled hiring technology
  • Pay per user
  • Own your ontology & gazetteer
  • Keep your candidate information secure on your premises
  • Our customer success team will support you whenever needed

$ 60 per month per user