AI Empowered Recruiter Course


Lean Hiring Concept

The Lean Hiring Concept

  • Repercussions of delayed feedback
  • Batch-sizes theory
  • Lean Hiring theory
  • Lean Hiring practices
  • How Lean Hiring saves time
  • Advantages of Lean Hiring

Resume Parsing & Annotation

JD and Resume Parsing & Annotation

  • Job description and resume parsing
  • Annotation concept
  • Gazetteer and its types
  • Art of gathering company information
  • Updating gazetteers
  • Introduction to ontology and its elements
  • Updating ontology
  • Gold standard score & its use
  • What not to annotate

Online Technical Assessment

Online Technical Assessment

  • Adding questions to technical question bank
  • Creating quiz for specific skills
  • Interpreting quiz results

Application Tracker

Working with Applicant Tracker

  • Completeness score
  • Quick score
  • Suitability score
  • Adding new column to the tracker
  • Weightages & their impact

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